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Meet Dr. Ashley Maltz

Ashley Maltz, MD, MPH. Integrative Medicine Physician

West Holistics Medicine‘s Dr. Ashley Maltz was interviewed and featured on CanvasRebel.com! CanvasRebel.com is a website with a focus on promoting small business owners, artist and creatives “through the magic and power of storytelling.

Dr. Ashley Maltz is the owner and primary physician here at West Holistic Medicine. Dr. Maltz believes in a holistic and integrative approach to medical care.

[At] West Holistic Medicine, in downtown Austin, we offer integrative primary care, integrative medicine consultations, functional medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, mind-body medicine, clinical nutrition and natural chronic disease management with evidence-based tools for the whole family.


In her interview she talks about some of her backstory and insights from healthcare experiences that led her to where she is today.

Read the full story on CanvasRebel.com


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