Dr. Julia Afridi joins our clinic!

Julia Afridi, DO, ABIHM. Integrative Family Medicine Physician

Announcing! A New Addition to West Holistic Medicine!

We welcome Dr. Julia Afridi to the practice!

Starting July 27th, Dr. Julia Afridi is available to see patients (adults & kids) at our clinic in downtown Austin!

Meet Dr. Julia Afridi, Integrative Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Afridi was born and raised in the Western Chicago Suburbs. She has been interested in natural and holistic approaches to health since childhood when she saw firsthand the limitations of more conventional treatment approaches to health.

She spent 5 years working as the Medical Director for an Integrative Medicine program at a community-based hospital system while building a thriving Integrative Family Medicine practice. Dr. Afridi is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Osteopathic Association.

Dr. Afridi sees you as a whole person with your own unique make up and is here listen to you and your needs and desires in order to provide a customized approach to your health, your life and your body.

She is here to support your health transformations however that may look for you. She is committed to you having the best possible experience in your body and life no matter what your current level of health is.

Dr. Afridi’s approach combines natural and holistic methods including vitamins and nutrients, herbals, homeopathy, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, and exercise as well as guiding you with the use of other treatment modalities.

Read more about Dr. Julia on her full profile

Call us today if you’re interested in becoming a new patient @ 512-814-0148

2 thoughts on “Dr. Julia Afridi joins our clinic!”

  1. Does Dr Afridi do telemedicine ? I was her patient in Illinois and can’t find anyone else to treat me for mold toxicity.

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