How can Biodynamics help with well-being?

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For a year now, I’ve been summarizing the reasons people have sought Craniosacral Biodynamics from me and felt better afterwards.

The range is wide.

That may be surprising, but if you understand how it works, it makes sense.

Our systems at all times try to maintain homeostasis.

homeostasis [hoh-mee-uh-stey-sis]


The tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function. : Compare Allostasis.

Picture your body as having many systems — digestive, endocrine, nervous, immune, etc. — that have individual functions but also work in harmony with other systems within your whole system to maintain your well-being.

Every hour of every day, your body is working to keep these systems operating harmoniously.

And yet, things happen that impair the functioning of your systems: illness, stress, injury, insomnia, exposure to toxins in air/food/water, trauma, depression, etc. Life brings challenges, and homeostasis — while still trying to harmonize your systems — isn’t always functioning optimally.

If your systems are functioning well…

You are resilient, recover from challenges, and return to high-functioning homeostasis.

You might even have more resources than before, with some great self-care!

If you experience too many challenges too close together, or too severe a challenge, your homeostasis doesn’t just bounce back to good health. Although it’s still trying its best to keep your systems working in harmony, it’s a struggle, and one or more of them may not be functioning well.

This can show up as chronic pain, fatigue, disease, depression, anxiety, etc.

Craniosacral Biodynamics improves coherence…

…a way to move your systems energetically in the direction of optimal homeostasis.

Can your ‘sense of coherence’ influence your health?
The concept of sense of coherence (SOC) was put forward by Aaron Antonovsky in 1979 to explain why some people become ill under stress and others stay healthy. It arose from the salutogenic approach, that is, the search for the origins of health rather than the causes of disease. The SOC gained widespread attention and has since been linked to health outcomes in many studies.

Those who receive Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions report feeling more relaxed after a session, sleeping better, and feeling more whole. Their symptoms lessen, and their well-being increases. Their sense of coherence is stronger, and their homeostasis is functioning more optimally.

Every Biodynamics session shifts homeostasis toward greater health and increases your sense of coherence.

Regular sessions (every 2, 3, or 4 weeks) work cumulatively over time to increase your sense of coherence.

This is why Craniosacral Biodynamics works so well with integrative medicine, which focuses on the whole person to improve well-being.

This is why I’m grateful to work with the practitioners at West Holistic Medicine, as well as in my private practice. I’ve had many challenges in my own life and can testify that my increased sense of coherence from receiving Craniosacral Biodynamics — as well as from studying it and giving sessions — has improved my health and increased my resilience.

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MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB. Board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

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MaryAnn Reynolds is a licensed massage therapist, board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork. MaryAnn’s interest in bodywork started in 1996, when an automobile accident left her with a concussion and soft tissue injuries. Unable to find the help she needed from traditional Western medicine, she worked with many practitioners in the healing arts.

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